Dog Park

Frank Brown Dog Park

The Frank Brown Dog Park has been expanded in recent years! Featuring two fenced in off-leash dog playgrounds and are located at the back left section of the park as you drive through. As you perhaps are aware, Frank Brown Park also has more than two miles of dog-friendly green-ways and trails, which serve as the trail-head for Gayle’s Trails.

See Spot Run & Play!

Get out there to the park with your doggo! Just be aware that you must clean up after your pups, and doggie waste stations are available. So let’s be considerate and if your puppy make a mess, pick it up for your sake and others’!

There’s always other dogs to play with if your animal gets along with others, and there are always dogs getting their exercise here!

To find out some other great ideas, and places you can have fun with your dog, you can visit Bay Families with Dogs, non-profit advocacy group formed to improve the community environment for people who enjoy outdoor recreation with their dogs.

Frank Brown Park Dog Park

As mentioned, recent updates to the dog park at Frank Brown have added an additional area that serves to separate the rowdy dogs from the more laid bag doggos. This is great for those dog owners that want to come out and let their babies get some fresh air and stretch their legs without being bounded on by larger and more aggressive animals.

Frank Brown Dog Park