Shopping Near Frank Brown Park

Stores, Shops and Markets Near the Park

So you’re In Panama City Beach for a week or two, or maybe just the weekend! Congratulations for being near one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet! That being said, the sun, the surf and all the activities you’re likely to be up to are going to be making you extremely hungry!

You’ll also want to be shopping for some of the latest fashions, or beach supplies or whatever else you take a notion you want. So we’ve prepared this page with you in mind, from a local’s perspective. Here are the places we are shopping. Enjoy!

Shopping in Panama City Beach

Shopping by Category

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The Carousel – A great little supermarket that you can find fresh food, a good variety of beer, local produce and artisan meats, plus other items for stay in Panama City Beach. They are located on the West end of the beach. (West End, Laguna Beach.)

Walmart at Pier Park – Walmart has pretty much anything you need grocery-wise, and a good selection of consumables, plus electronics, toys, sporting goods, etc. You are probably familiar with Walmart. Located next to Pier Park. (West End.)

Target at Pier Park – While not a dedicated grocery store, and they don’t have as many items as Walmart or certainly Publix, Target is good choice if you are wanting a less-crowded shopping experience. (West End.)

Winn-Dixie on Front Beach Rd – Winn Dixie is known for their good selection of meats, and fresh produce. I have personally shopped at this store a lot and usually find everything I need. Located at the intersection of Highway 79 and Front Beach Road (West End)

Publix Panama City Beach Parkway – It’s hard to go wrong with Publix, they have a beautiful produce department, and carry items not stocked by other stores. If you’re looking for hard to find ingredients, odds are good Publix has them. (Middle Beach)

Publix on Thomas Drive – East End – If you are headed for Baypoint, this is probably the store you’re going to be closest to. (East End.)

Winn-Dixie Thomas Drive – Winn Dixie on Thomas Drive is also located near Baypoint resort. (East End.)

Walmart on Front Beach Rd – This Walmart is usually the business Walmart on the planet. Just be aware. They do have lots of good deals, and friendly people working there. (East End.)